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Rockin A Design on Etsy

I initially intended to use the blog part of my website as a way of showcasing new work of mine as it was completed but I have very much neglected to do this! So I wanted to get back to it by sharing one of the biggest work/news I have since I last updated……I have started my own graphic tee line!!!


I am selling my tees in my Rockin A Design Etsy shop and have really just loved coming up with my own concepts and designs.  I’ve previously done and still do custom t-shirt graphics for boutiques and groups but the pull to do my own concepts kept tugging at me.

Designing for t-shirts is one aspect of my job that just doesn’t feel like work to me and as the saying goes if you do what you love you will never work a day in your life.  It has been a lot of fun creating designs just for the sole reason that I want to wear it and itFollowYourBurroTee‘s even better if that design speaks to a customer and they want to wear it too!

LoveMeLikeBrandingSyledNeonCowskullTankIMG_2173 copyNativeTexanIMG_2001LandOfTheFreeFlatLadyofGuadTeeStyles