Monthly Archives: June 2014

Graphic Tee Designs

Who doesn’t love a graphic tee?  They are sported by everyone from newborns (graphic onesie?) on up.

Before I even dreamed of being a graphic designer I realized I had a small obsession with western/cowgirl graphic tees so naturally after becoming a designer I now have a small part in adding more to that market.

I have done quite a few designs for Ranch Royalty Clothing Co.  The owner and I collaborate well and also as a designer I’m not TRYING to identify with the target audience, I’m already there, this is my lifestyle as well.

Here is a collection of designs I’ve done thus far and you may see some of the designs reprinted on various shirts and in different colors depending on the season:

rrt2014-s8 rrt-ws rrt-broncriding rrt-aztec bronc rrt_rrwife nlim tee hot southern mess tank 10257667_10152418000257755_2397675724059332108_o 10257379_10152422360832755_3990419935233523834_o 10015112_10152370056422755_2075686682_o 1980270_10152356481022755_1529596738_o 1961818_10152469271052755_7383226355179807369_o 1504250_10152341561067755_1725886479_o 1486086_10152436599607755_20848586889950267_o 1269303_10151928759572755_245223470_o 1077361_10152079353077755_382474847_o